ABC 123 Breathing Method

A 3 minute lesson to reduce anxiety in 3 breaths

Course Summary

This is a 3 minute mini-lesson on how just 3 breaths can reduce anxiety and enable you to be calm in any situation.

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Barbara Ford Hammond

I am a hypnotherapist, lifestyle/holistic coach, speaker, meditation guide, Reiki master and teacher. I have been called a mystic, witch, muse and all work for me.

I bobble about in the left-brain logical, medically inclined camp and the right-brain creative, esoterically inclined field. This means I am equally happy discussing neuroplasticity with a doctor as talking about soul retrieval with a shaman. Or, talking abut Fortune 500 business strategies while reading Runes. 

My default setting has a tendency to the woo so if talk of energy, chakras and the like jiggle you then I am not your girl.

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